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Product Types

1 = Capital At Risk

2 = Capital 'Protected'

3 = Depostit Based

CaR Barrier Observation

EoT = End of Term Only

FTDC = Full Term Daily Close

N/A SD = Not Applicable (Structured Deposit)

N/A = Not Applicable

None = No Barrier Protection

None, RD = None, Reduced Downside

Notes: AKO = Annual Kick-out

All investment involves risk and you could lose some or all of the money you invest.
Product Provider Product Name Index Link Product Type Investment Type CaR Barrier Observation Counterparty/Deposit Taker Closing Date ISA Deadline Stated Term Options
Investec Investec /Lowes 8:8 Plan 1 FTSE 100 Index 1 Auto-Call / Kick-Out EoT Investec Bank Plc 01/03 08/02 8 years max. More

Potential for a 7.5% gain for each year (3.75% semi-annually) held, payable on any semi-annual observation from year two onwards, provided the FTSE 100 Index is higher than 92% of the Initial Index Level.

Whilst we strive to cover as many products as possible, our coverage is NOT exhaustive and we do not provide details of every product.

An on-going service for users of can now be provided by the structured products platform, in conjunction with

For information about Structured Products provides a first-class structured product research facility with in-depth information on the products currently available and email notifications of the latest product launches. It also hosts a wealth of educational material and a range of tools to assist in finding the products most suited to individual investor requirements.

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